Strategy for Sending Orders on Time

As an online shop owner, of course, you want an online business that is grown to be successful. The key, of course, is to provide the best for consumers. Not only related to product quality, but also service, including the shipping goods. Customers must feel satisfied when receiving goods. So, in addition to maintaining the condition of goods purchased by customers, also make sure you are not late in sending goods.

Maybe there are indeed some external factors that are beyond your control which make ordered goods arrive late in the hands of customers. The good news, there are still several ways you can do to minimize the delay in shipping goods, such as:

Choose a quality shipping service

Imagine you have prepared ordered goods a few days before the scheduled delivery of goods, you also send them to the shipping service before the scheduled delivery. However, it turned out that the shipping service was late in sending goods. Of course, this is not your fault, but surely the customer does not want to know. That is why you must choose a shipping service provider that is trusted and has a good reputation.

Take it easy, you will not experience this if you use the shipping service from Rhenus Lupprians. Rhenus Lupprians has more than 35 years of experience in the delivery of medical devices, High Technology, Telecommunications, Printing, Banking, Railroad, Retail, and others. So, we can be sure that your customer’s ordered goods will arrive on time. Moreover, Rhenus Lupprians also provides white glove logistics. With this service, shipping goods will be much safer without the need for position tracking.

Write the address correctly and clearly

You have sent the items on time, as well as the expedition who sent them on schedule. However, why don’t customers receive your shipment on time? This could happen because there is a mismatch in writing the address or identity of the recipient. It may indeed seem trivial, but the impact is quite large on the time of delivering goods.

Therefore, before sending goods, make sure that the customer has provided the correct identity and shipping address. When writing it on any package you also have to double-check. Sometimes just a letter or number difference can make it difficult for the delivery company to find the address in question. This, of course, will affect the time of delivering goods. Don’t let your customers feel disappointed.

Always update customers

Customers want certainty in the delivery of goods ordered. Therefore, once you get a receipt from the shipping party, immediately inform your customers. If there is a problem in shipping, you can help your customer to report the problem to Rhenus Lupprians customer service, or you can call Rhenus Lupprians directly at telephone number: +44 1784 422900

Strategy for Sending Orders on Time
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