Mac Vs PC Which One to Choose?

MAC Vs Pc, the fight is on among the computer geeks. Both MAC and PC have avid users and thus it make it tougher for the computer users. The Mackintosh, popularly known as Mac was designed by Apple Inc. and first launched into the market in the year 1984. Ever since its launch it has gained commercial success. MAC was the first personnel computer featuring a mouse and a graphical user interface.

On the other hand, the PC comes with Microsoft Windows operating system and feature a stunning GUI. It is also affordable for all consumer groups. Operating system for Mac is Mac OS X Leopard while PCs Microsoft Windows 7 is the latest OS.

Before digging deep into discussion let’s have a look at the difference between MAC and PC. MAC is known for its elegance and it is just ideal for true experts. On the other hand, the PC is for all and sundry. Its reasonable price range makes it easier to buy for all sections of people. The price of MAC is quite hefty price. Only an avid Apple would be ready to spend such hefty amount of money.

Mac OS X, the Apple’s operating system is very professional and efficient. This is user friendly and helps the users to compute more efficiently. For PC, the latest operating system is windows 7. This is also a wonderful operating system and can be compared with Mac Os X series.
In terms of number of programs, the PC scores far better than Mac. Wide selection of choices is available in terms of software and applications for PC. They are easily available and reasonably priced. But programs for MAC are quite costly. On the other hand, if it the question of quality, Apple scores well. Programs like iLife suite are far better than Windows programs of this kind.

While choosing Windows PCs, the users will have wide selection of choices. There are various additional features like touchscreens, Blu-Ray players for high-definition movies, and TV tuners and many many more. With Windows PC, you can watch movies and TV and also record satellite TV. The user can go for a PC of any color and configuration. But MAC does not have these much of varieties. There are some basic variants like the the MacBook Pro laptop in 13″, 15″, and 17″ models, basic MacBook laptop, the MacBook Air ultraportable, the Mac Mini microdesktop, the iMac all-in-one desktop, and the Mac Pro power desktop. The user does not have liberty to choose Blu-Ray, TV tuners, touchscreens, and other exciting options that they can get in PCs.

So, from the discussion it is quite clear that PC is certainly the clear winner in most of the facets. For any types of PC problems, consult a computer services company.

Mac Vs PC Which One to Choose?
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