Influence of Chat Oriented Mobile Applications

The use of mobile phones has totally changed, from being used for talking and seldom messaging it has now ventured into games, chats and video chats. The word mobile has been replaced by smart phones and now smart phones belong to a revolution called Mobile Applications.

Nowadays mobile apps are the latest trends; they are being created at an alarming rate and are being used also at the same pace. There are all types and kinds of apps being created by the app developers and as it has been observed that they are also earning huge revenues.

Android is one operating system for which there is a wide range of applications and all are catering to some or the other needs of the users. By a close observation it has been found out that more and more people are being influenced by the use of mobile apps in the present times and a sensation has been created by applications that are chat oriented.

Chat oriented applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kik etc have raised their bar and have made way into many smart phones. The statistics show that off late people are more comfortable in using chat centric mobile apps. These applications allow people to communicate, send messages, share pictures and songs and send across emoticons which are like a new revolution altogether.

The way these applications have been ruling the app world is not insubstantial, they have laid a great impact on every individual and that impact has resulted into more downloads of the same. These applications are now referred as the transition factors behind social networking as well. When people hear and see that they can message freely, it clicks and they are bound to use that app. No doubt other innovative apps have also made a mark in the market but the general understanding is, if you can chat it has to be good.

Seeing the success rate of such applications more and more developers have tried to incorporate their applications with the above mentioned names, more and more apps are being sent for processes like A/B testing to get the actual insights so as to what the public desires and what is their need. Every application with which you can chat is tried at least once by people to see their effectiveness and usefulness.

WhatsApp is today ruling the market when we concentrate on chat oriented applications only, owing to its user friendly approach and design. The number of in app conversions that it has, has surpassed many others and has reached at the apex of all the applications that were ever made. It is funny how an app can become a trend, a sensation in a matter of few months. With all the effect and influence that WhatsApp has had on the people across nations it can be easily said that an application that involves free messaging, has some impressive emoticons, allows you to share data easily and is not a burden on the memory disk of the phone will be a success.

Mobile apps are the need of the hour, once they are made with utmost care, are subjected to proper testing phases, has utility value and is marketed well it will not be long when it reaches the top of the list of many app stores.

Influence of Chat Oriented Mobile Applications
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