How to Stop Your iPhone Overheating

The iPhone is some full on science fiction style technology. The human race have never been so close to living in Star Trek than when they have the texting, phoning, internet surfing, music playing, video recording, touch screen iPhone in their hands. The newest iPhone even has a voice recognised robotic personal assistant that can communicate intuitively with users, so we can forgive that little box from suffering a few overheating problems.

Overheating is not just annoying for the user who might lose information, get cut out in the middle of something and generally have to faff about waiting for it to cool down again. Overheating will adversely affect the inner workings of an iPhone; making them slower, have a lower battery life and leave them more prone to future damage.

Apple representatives recommend that the iPhone should be kept at an optimal temperature of zero to thirty five degrees Celsius in order to avoid any overheating problems.

This might sound simple but there are many situations where your phone will be subject to more extreme heats. One of the easiest mistakes to make can be leaving your iPhone under the windscreen of a hot car. As well as super cool machines that provide effective high speed travel across distances, cars are large, metallic heat traps. Especially when the hot sun is penetrating through the windows, a car dashboard can reach extreme temperatures. The dashboard can be the most obvious space to leave a phone though and so it can be very easy to forget and leave it in the heat.

It might seem simple but choosing the right pocket to keep your iPhone in will help protect it too. Something like a jean pocket hugs tightly against your body and, as warm blooded creatures this can create another surprisingly hot environment. Especially after using the phone, all those incredible tasks are very complicated, take a lot of processing and therefore generate a lot of heat, coupled with your body heat and the tight environment of your pocket, your phone can suffer from extreme heat.

Remembering to keep your iPhone in a looser pocket will make a huge difference. The pocket of a jacket for example isn’t so tight against your body, are often larger and have more room to swing and enjoy a cooler breeze. A difference as simple as considering the pocket you keep your phone in can have a genuine impact on the amount it suffers from heat and therefore increase your iPhone’s longevity.

Finally remembering to use your apps and processes sparingly will help keep your phone from struggling to process too much a generating excess heat. It can be easy to leave miscellaneous internet search tabs running, or to try using multiple apps at one time, this not only heats your phone but slows overall performance. So remember, once you’ve finished with one app, shut it down before opening another.

So overheating isn’t too hard to stop, just remember a few simple steps to make sure your iPhone and you enjoy a long and happy relationship.

How to Stop Your iPhone Overheating
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