How Do Technology Helps With Best Time To Post Photo On Twitter?

Social media has taken the world with the storm. If it’s sharing photos or videos with your friends or posting content about your products to get the best sales out of it, or getting likes from your twitter followers and users, all this is happening under one roof that is social media. Now social media has different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sharing a new post seems easy but if you look at the norms of each application there are some hurdles. The main killer of all is the timing of sharing your content on social media. We will discuss the best time to share on twitter and what strategies should you apply to get it on the news feed.


We must have noticed that some adds on tv are repeatedly played so that if someone is not watching the TV, they will surely get to see the add due to its continuously playing on tv. This was one of the strategic examples of the television world to get noticed by the audience. But the strategies on social media are different because the norms here are not the same.

  • Keep the balance of tweeting. Don’t make it annoying. Keep it informative
  • Increase the number of posting
  • Stop repeating the same posts. Trust me it won’t make any good impression
  • Make a schedule for weekends and working days as the audience has different timings on weekends.
  • Consider connecting globally. The best time to tweet will be from 3 am.

How often to post

Analyzing it your self can be a good option. Considering the exact time X would be the best time on social media can be accurate to some limit. Analyze the timing of your audience, measure the tine and then repeat the same process. In a short time, you will get the results and the results would be in your favor if you have done the homework properly. Increase the number of posts. Each with different information.

The life cycle of a tweet

Compared to other social media applications, twitter has the shortest lifecycle of a tweet. If your tweet lasts more than 18minutes it means it has reached the time limit of glory. If you are posting more tweets it can be beneficial to the time of your tweet. The left offer tweets no longer occur to the top for your audience. Due to the short life cycle of a tweet, keep in mind to post fruitfully tweets, so they can get quick attention and get retweet fast.

Schedule of your audience

The audience is your priority. That’s why keen observation should be done keeping in mind the timings of your audience. Don’t annoy your audience with the repetition either. Target your audience when are the peak timing to respond to your tweet. Post three times a day and if you post 20 times a day that can be even better for you. Late-night effects have been considered to be good for your tweets. As there is usually nothing else to do people opt for tweets and that’s the best thing for your tweets.

How Do Technology Helps With Best Time To Post Photo On Twitter?
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