How to Produce Maximum Bokeh Videos

In the world of videography, bokeh is a term used to describe the visual quality of the blur area outside the focal point which seems to separate the main subject from the background. Visually, our eyes are stunned when we see a video with a sharp and focused main subject with a soft, crisp, and beautiful background. Why are you stunned? because the main subject stands out while the blurry, creamy background reinforces the impression of dimension and depth. So how do we get bokeh videos every time? The following are below tips:

1. Use a lens with a large aperture

Bokeh is determined by the lens, not the camera. The lens and the optics in it determine the quality of the bokeh that the video produces. So use a lens with a setting at the largest aperture. For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, you can use the aperture priority mode …

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