Aprilia RSV-4 Factory, Power 215 HP with a Weight of only 170 Kg

If we look at it, it seems that public roads take a long time – eventually, it can become a circuit for those who can afford to buy fast-powered motorbikes that are obviously quite expensive. And as if it didn’t want to be left behind, another Italian motorcycle brand, Aprilia, also released a product with fierce specifications, but it was still street legal. Yes, especially if it’s not the Aprilia RSV-4 series, but this time we will discuss the Aprilia RSV-4 Factory for those of you who like motor sports.

Engineered, Aprilia motorbikes embeds advanced technology and design so that this section is the main focus of sales of these fast motorcycles. The machine used has a maximum power of 215 hp. To reduce your curiosity, this motorbike can be purchased at Wheels Motorcycles. For more complete information you can visit www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk

And another interesting thing is the weight of the motor. Aprilia RSV-4 Factory 2018 weight dropped 10 kg compared with its predecessor. The weight of the motor that is in the figure of 170 kg in a dry manner itself is indeed helped by the use of lithium-ion batteries which are lighter and also the replacement of tank components with new models. However, Aprilia itself claims that this motor tank still has the same shape and also the same material, the difference is in the production process which is more efficient and precise, thereby reducing the load by 3.3 pounds from before.

There is an interesting component in this motorcycle fairing which has been banned in Moto-GP, namely the winglet. a pair of box-shaped winglets of a size large enough to be given to this motorbike to increase stability when driving at high speeds.

Aprilia RSV-4 Factory, Power 215 HP with a Weight of only 170 Kg
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