An Android App For Cheating Spouses

If you need some way to gather evidence when you know your spouse is cheating or you want to somehow catch them red handed, that is possible today with the android spy app. You can’t be completely certain that your spouse is cheating if you have no evidence and the android Spy app can prove what the case is in a variety of ways.

Monitoring who your spouse is in touch with is a breeze through the android spy app. The app can be easily installed onto the target phone from where it will monitor all communication from the phone for you. If you want call logs, you get them. If you want to know who your partner is on the phone with and for how long you can get it. You can even find out what is going on around your partner. The android spy app is equipped with features to specifically meet these requirements such as the text logging feature. The text logger on the target phone will deliver a copy of every text exchanged from the phone directly to your online account. From there you can view the actual message together with information about who it was sent to and at what time. Similarly finding out who called in or who was called is easy with the call logging feature.

The onboard spy app will forward a copy of the call log from the target phone highlighting all calls that took place and their respective times, call durations and recipient information. Maybe your spouse disappears randomly or happens to stay at work unusually late, you can find out where they are with the GPS tracking function of the spy app. That means when you log in to your account you view the location of the target phone so you know where they are. You can even make a spy call to find out what is going on near or around the phone. The spy call is a feature which allows a call to connect from the target phone to your end with out the phone user knowing. Your partner would have no clue that there phone is in fact on call and on this end you are listening to whatever is happening. With so much input about your spouses activities finding out if they are cheating shouldn’t take too long.

An Android App For Cheating Spouses
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