Day: 24/06/2021


Purchased the S5 to shoot video & stills for online coaching content. The results we now have been achieving has definitely lifted the standard and professionalism of our training choices. Since owning the S5 I actually have recently purchased the 70 – 200mm Panasonic lens. I do lots of run and gun video work and this camera really excels in that environment due to its versatility. The low light capabilities and excellent stabilisation make it versatile when taking pictures on the go. Also actually impressed with some of the stills I’ve grabbed with this on the go.

  • Our 2021 information will catch you up on all the newest models and bargains, so you possibly can select a camera that matches your capturing wants and budget to a tee.
  • They ship crispier and cleaner photographs as they’ve larger internal picture sensors than point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Tap the camera icon on the top
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